The first of their kind in the world, our unique anti-chafe knickers have been lovingly designed to absolutely obliterate thigh-chafe, in a seriously sexy way.

Combining luxurious soft tulle with our unique Italian satin thigh panelling, we’ve adorned our knickers with the finest French and German lace to create a truly sensual style that’s begging for a Marylyn Monroe moment.

Here’s a sneak peak at our lovely co-founders, Carol and Jill…

Carol Westwood

Like a third of women out there, Carol has always suffered from thigh-chafe, even in her ‘slim teens’. It’s a problem that’s turned many a summer day sour, and has resulted in Carol shunning barelegged outfits altogether.

Carol tried various solutions, from shorn-off leggings to cycling shorts, specialist creams to talcs, but she wanted something feminine and sexy – something that would make her feel proud of her body rather than ashamed.

Her online search took her around the world, but it seemed sexy and comfy anti-chafe knickers just didn’t exist…

So, she decided to fill the gap in the market.

With the concept firmly in her head, Carol approached her close friend and talented seamstress, Jill, who immediately saw the potential.

Together, they prototyped their way to perfection and launched a world-first in anti-chafe lingerie!

Jill Mudge

Jill has always been a diehard seamstress, so much so that she designed and made her first outfit at just four years old, and by nine she had her very first sewing machine.

Ever since then she’s hung her hat on experimenting with different fabrics and designs, setting herself challenges and honing her techniques down to the last stitch.

So, when Carol approached Jill with the Bloomin’ Sexy knickers concept, she grabbed her sketchbook quicker than you can say thigh-chafe.

Jill knew that to create a knicker that was both sexy and anti-chafe, the design had to be completely unique to anything else on the market. So, with Carol by her side, she experimented with hundreds of different designs and fabrics, creating and rejecting many a prototype that fell short of perfection.

The design took two years to hone and caused more than one hair-pulling moment, but Jill is now the proud designer of a world’s first in anti-chafe lingerie. Hooray!

Ever the experimenter, Jill continues to evolve the Bloomin’ Sexy range, so watch this space, ladies!