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Our unique anti-chafe knickers have been lovingly designed to diminish thigh-chafe, in a seriously sexy way.

Combining luxurious soft tulle with unique Italian satin thigh panelling, we’ve adorned our knickers with the finest French and German lace to create a truly sensual style.

Bloomin’ Sexy – Secret of our Success

Like a third of women out there Carol, the face behind Bloomin’ Sexy, suffered from thigh-chafe, even in her ‘slim teens’. It’s a problem that’s turned many a summer day sour, and had resulted in Carol shunning barelegged outfits altogether.

Carol’s son has the amazing job of composing music for film, TV and video games, and so on the rare occasion he gets to walk down a red carpet to a premiere, he likes to take his mum as his plus one. The problem with red-carpet events is they are rather less glamorous when you consider being on your feet for hours under hot spotlights with crowds all clambering to reach the celeb next to you. This is especially true if like most women in the UK your underwear isn’t giving you the support and comfort it should.

Carol spent ages trying to find lingerie that would be comfortable, eliminate the chance of thigh chafe and not make her feel down right dowdy.

Carol might not be a 20 something anymore but she still wanted to feel strong and sexy.  When Carol’s search had drawn a blank, she went to work finding a solution, not just for her but for the thousands of other women with the same need.

Her online search took her around the world, but it seemed sexy and comfy anti-chafe knickers just didn’t exist.

So she decided to fill the gap in the market.

Finding the Perfect Lingerie Fabrics

The team knew that to create a short that was both sexy and functional, the design had to be unique to anything else on the market.  They experimented with hundreds of different designs and fabrics, creating and rejecting many a prototype that fell short of perfection.

The early prototypes were a big learning curve, realising how different fabrics behaved, both in isolation and when combined with others.

Satin comes in too many varieties to count and stretch satin would be the answer to many of the prototype problems. Carol and Jill found the perfect stretch satin, Italian made, Boselli. This satin has been used on every Bloomin’ Sexy design since then. The satin not only looks and feels wonderfully sensual, it also keeps you cool and stops the dreaded chafing.

Carol and Jill found three lace suppliers we still use today, Dresdner Spitzen from Germany as seen on our Classic design, CapSud lace from France seen on the Vintage design, and French Valenciennes lace on the Spirit design.

Having sourced the ideal fabrics, the search for the ideal lingerie manufacturer for this unique, specialised garment led to a family run lingerie company in Bulgaria.

The design took two years to hone. The results are simply breathtaking.

Our Best Selling Luxury Anti Chafe Shorts

Bloomin’ Sexy Team

Carolyn Westwood

Carol’s desire to support women and help them to see themselves as powerful and sexy in their own bodies, has come from nearly 40 years of working with women through the NHS as a nurse, midwife and health visitor and later as a psychosexual therapist. In that time, she has helped countless women to reconnect with their bodies and to find their inner Boudicca.

Translating that empowerment into lingerie with Bloomin’ Sexy, Carol can reach and support a much larger number of women across the UK.

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