Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief Review

Posted by Michelle Broomes on Monday, March 25, 2019 · Leave a Comment   


“Slipping into the Classic brief was a refreshing relief.”

Signs of spring are everywhere, which means the resurrection of my warm weather clothing is imminent. Summer outfits usually have a way of filling me with mixed feelings, namely excitement and trepidation. Although I love the girlish, romantic feel of summer dresses and flowing skirts that swirl deliciously against bare skin, the thought of not wearing my deniers or trousers and ending up with unbearable inner thigh burn usually brings me to a sobering reality.

So I count myself lucky to have discovered a wonderful lingerie brand that is tackling the issue of the dreaded inner thigh chafe with fashionable yet functional underwear. UK-based lingerie brand Bloomin’ Sexy makes sexy bloomer-styled underwear aimed at eradicating inner thigh torment. 

The brand is led by anti-chafe crusaders, Carol Westwood, who was a victim of chronic thigh chafe and her deft design partner, Jill Mudge. Together, this dynamic duo has recreated the bygone bloomer undergarment into beautiful contemporary intimate apparel using satin inner thigh panels to eliminate thigh rub. I have been fascinated by this underwear concept ever since, so you can imagine my delight when I was chosen to do a product review on their “Classic” range.

Bloomin’ Sexy Classic Brief