Bridal shopping may be a bit different at the moment, but don’t forget to take your time to find your dream ensemble. Our range is available online for delivery nationwide.

Shopping for your wedding attire is such an important, fun, part of your wedding preparations. Your underwear should not be forgotten! It is the foundation of every outfit, after all.

Not only do you want to look your best on your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable, too! It’s a long day, and with the summer being the most popular time of year for weddings, the last thing you want is to be too warm and uncomfortable, or squeezed and squished! Our best advice is to choose something you feel comfortable in, mentally and physically.

Of course, I may be biased, but our gorgeous anti-chafe shorts give you the beauty of high-end, luxury lingerie, as well as ultimate comfort and coolness. Thanks to our super soft Italian satin, exquisite lace, and range of designs, you’re bound to find your perfect bridal lingerie with us.

Sexy, Anti-Chafe Lingerie

Bridal fashion, like any other, is bound to change with the times. When I got married in 1983, I wore a traditional white dress with embroidery on the front, and small daisies under the bust and around a tier at the bottom. Daisies were also on the edges of the big net sleeves, and the veil edge. I truly felt like a princess!

Fast forward to now, and we are not only seeing a more varied approach to wedding dresses, our brides also vary in shape, size and age! While the tradition is still to wear a big, white dress (thanks to the ultimate trend-setter, Queen Victoria), many brides buck the trend by choosing colourful dresses, or even black. Luckily for our beautiful brides, all of our styles come in both black and white to suit any outfit.

As many of us know, thigh chafe is a pain in the (not quite literal) backside on any day. Add your wedding to the mix – high pressure, high fun, exciting, nerve-wracking, wonderful though they are – and the last thing you want to worry about is chafing. Our sexy, anti-chafe shorts are here to ensure chafing is the last thing on your mind.

24 hours of wearing them and they were so comfortable I didn’t know they were there. There was no kind of pinching, it was so comfortable. It definitely is anti-chafe; the satin enforced thigh areas in the crotch was absolutely amazing … They’re just so silky that they just slide off of each other. The quality is just amazing!” – Katy

Bridal Boutiques

We’re incredibly fortunate to have great links to bridal boutiques across the country that share our belief that our luxury anti-chafe shorts are the perfect fit for any bride.

As mentioned in The Lingerie Journal, Kelly (owner of Brides With Curves, based in Poole) speaks of her love for our shorts: “From our first meeting, it was clear that Carol and Jill have done so much research on how to stop the dreaded thigh rub and at the same time making the product look sexy. The passion that they put into the product shows.”

As the south coast’s first plus size wedding specialists with a wonderful selection of gowns from sizes 18-32 and a sample in store of our wonderful shorts, they’re a great choice for the curvy bride. “OUR MISSION: To inspire women to celebrate their curves on their wedding day and every day.”

You can also find us in Opulence Bridal in Nottingham, who stock a wonderful selection of dresses in sizes 8-22. They, too, have a sample of our luxury shorts in store so you can see them in the flesh. Speaking to The Lingerie Journal, owner Amanda comments on the long lasting appeal of our luxury satin shorts: “Although [brides] come in to get a pair for their wedding, they often take them on their honeymoon as well. They are excited that they’ll be able to wear pretty dresses like their friends.”

The Bridal Boutique, located in Jersey, are also firm fans of Bloomin’ Sexy shorts. Caroline, the owner, mentions that she often finds the bridal party checking out the luxury anti-chafe shorts: “I can hear them react to the look and feel of the quality of the products while I am in the dressing room dressing the bride!” She also offers great insight into why so many brides choose Bloomin’ Sexy in the first place: “What draws brides to the knickers are how very feminine and sexy looking they are versus a pair of hot lycra cycling shorts or long cotton pants.”

Online resources also agree that our shorts are a wonderful addition to your wedding outfit! The lovely Ox Weddings Magazine have recently featured our Classic design in their latest issue, “The genius design of these shorts (including suspenders!) ensures that any compromise for comfort over come-hither is mitigated by luxurious stretch satin and German lace.”

We also find that our shorts are popular with the whole bridal party – brides, bridesmaids, even mothers of brides! With the promise of absolute comfort, luxury satin and lace, and feeling sexy to boot, it’s easy to see why.

How to Choose your Bridal Lingerie

As we’ve already mentioned, choosing your bridal lingerie is just as important as choosing your dress, but just how do you go about making that choice? Most fashion advice regarding undergarments, including hints and tips for choosing the perfect bridal lingerie seem to mostly focus on bras. However, when considering the style of your dress (or outfit), your bottoms can be just as important.

It all depends on the style of dress you choose, and whether adjustments can be made. Some dresses can have a bustier or bra cups fitted, and some are already fitted with a corset structure which means you don’t need to worry about finding a bra.

It’s always good practice to take your lingerie to your dress fitting so you can try on all elements of your wedding outfit and ensure your ensemble works well.

As for bottoms – our forte – again it depends on the style. Sleek, form-fitting options will need a style without embellishments to ensure they don’t show through. Think along the lines of our Spirit anti-chafe shorts, featuring luxury Italian satin on both the front and inner thighs as well as smooth, stretchy tulle for the legs, finished off with gorgeous Valenciennes lace detailing. The smooth, elegant design is quintessential for luxury anti-chafe lingerie.

Our Romance design also features our signature satin front and thigh panels, as well as a beautifully soft, stretchy, floral lace for the legs. Our lightweight materials will embrace your natural curves with a barely-there feel. Combined, they give you ultimate romantic luxury while keeping you cool and eliminating that dreaded thigh-chafe! I defy you not to feel sexy in these!

Larger, fuller skirts can accommodate embellishments – such as tulle tea dresses or beautiful princess styles. For these, I’d recommend our best-selling bridal lingerie – the Classic style featuring gorgeous faux suspenders with a satin ribbon rose detail, and a faux stocking top made from stretch German lace. It’s no wonder they’re so popular with their effortlessly sexy charm.

The Vintage design is also perfect for these styles, with the elegance of a lattice ribbon running down the side of each leg. This design also features a luxury lace overlay, as well as being finished at each leg with lace. They truly are a beauty that transcends time.

All of our luxury anti-chafe shorts are made with luxury Italian satin fronts and thigh panels and a 100% cotton gusset, enabling you to wear them as normal knickers. As if you could ask for more, the design of each pair ensures absolutely no rolling up or down, and you can say goodbye to VPL as well as chafing!

Katy, one of our wonderful brides, goes into detail of how much she loved her bespoke pair of Vintage anti-chafe shorts on her wedding day, which you can see here. She chose a gorgeous pink ribbon to match her colour scheme and I’m sure you’ll agree, looked absolutely stunning on her big day.

I would like to say how happy I am with it . The packaging is beautiful and the actual fit of the Spirit shorts is fantastic – most elastic knickers end up giving you more lumps and bumps but they are perfect!” – Helen

Celebrate your Shape!

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re familiar with most bridal magazines giving out advice on how to “slim down for your wedding day” and possibly offering suggestions of shapewear you can squeeze into on your wedding day. This often includes the advice to pack your sexy lingerie and change into it later for the wedding night.

Well, I have two things to say to that: “Your partner is marrying you for who you are!” and “What if you can find comfortable and sexy lingerie to take you effortlessly from day to night?”

Here at Bloomin’ Sexy, we believe that your body deserves to be celebrated at any shape and size. Our inclusive size range (UK 12-30), coupled with our non-shapewear stance really emphasises that.

Our luxury anti-chafe shorts are made by women, for women, with the understanding that we want and need to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time! Our shorts don’t constrict, they hug your natural curves. They don’t squish, they gently embrace you. They don’t feel like cut-off tights (which I’ve actually seen recommended for brides!), they cover you in premium Italian satin and eliminate thigh chafe. What’s more, the 100% cotton gusset means no unnecessary layers, and the design means absolutely no VPL, or rolling up (or down)! The perfect solution to your wedding day lingerie.

Extremely comfortable and flattering knickers, suitable to wear for any occasion. Beautifully designed and guaranteed to make you feel sexy but at the same time providing support and comfort. Would definitely recommend!” – Ellie

Bridal Body Confidence

The most important advice I could give you about your wedding day is to remember that your lovely spouse-to-be loves you for you. They want to marry you, not the shape you could be or how you think you should look. Embrace your inner goddess and let her shine through!

In my past career of psychosexual therapy, I was able to help many women (and some men) regain their confidence – a skill I’ve translated to luxury lingerie. It’s true that to build your self confidence, you need to start from the inside by challenging a negative mindset and replacing it with a positive mental attitude. It should come as no surprise, then, that our clothing choices also play a huge part in our self confidence, especially when it comes to our underwear.

Beginning with the foundation of your outfit – underwear – it’s important that you choose something that celebrates you as well as bringing you comfort. And for your wedding day, choosing bridal lingerie featuring luxury satin and premium lace will guarantee that you feel sexy.

From there, choose a dress that you love. While it’s important to take those you love and trust with you to give you honest opinions, ultimately it is your choice. Don’t be shy about trying on as many as it takes! Most bridal boutiques work on an appointment only basis to ensure they can devote enough of their undivided attention to you. Once more – don’t forget to take your chosen lingerie with you to fittings!

Treat Yourself to Luxury

In these very strange (dare I say unprecedented) times, more and more couples are choosing to have smaller, intimate weddings rather than waiting for restrictions to lift. In doing so, not only are they saving money and potentially stress, they’re choosing to splash out on those luxury items they’d perhaps have skipped in favour of another guest or two to entertain.

For some, it means treating themselves to that perfect pair of luxury satin and exquisite lace anti-chafe lingerie. And why not? I firmly believe that we all need a little pick-me-up in these bizarre times.

Are you wedding planning? Have you thought about your bridal lingerie yet?

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