Walking into a new office, it’s intimidating, we know, you have had to work so hard to be respected in your industry, twice as hard as men if not more.

The key to survival and gaining respect – show no weakness. You want to feel powerful, sophisticated and just a little bit sexy on your first day at the new ‘dream job’?

We have all been there, it seems the underwear market is made up of overly sexy pieces of barely-there lingerie or knickers, at 20 something the former felt fun, pretty and sexy, but now with another decade (or 2) of experience, you want something altogether more comfortable and supportive.
But the latter feels like accepting you’re over the hill, the equivalent of putting on beige cords or a frumpy skirt for the rest of your life.

Why isn’t there a lingerie brand that combines functional comfort with elegance and just a dash of sexiness?

Well, now there is. We design our stunning lingerie to fit so well and be so comfortable you won’t even have to think about them all day.

We believe that underwear should be made by women for women. We believe that comfort and support can go hand in hand with elegance and sophistication. Our entire range has been created by using the most sumptuous satin and elegant lace, to give you support, make you feel powerful and downright gorgeous.

Don’t let bad underwear and discomfort ruin your world domination.

All of our lace & satin shorts offer you the confidence of no visible panty line, anti chafing along with cool comfort.
While making you feel ready to smash through that glass ceiling and show the boys who the real boss is.