Frequently Asked Questions…

Who suffers from thigh chafe?

Many women (and men) suffer from thigh chafe and it is not necessarily associated with the size of a woman but rather the shape. It can be a problem for anyone whose thighs rub together when they walk and is particularly a problem in hot weather or environments.

What age are they aimed at?

We did not set out with any particular age range in mind and in fact, we find that the knickers are bought and liked by women of all ages.

Will Bloomin’ Sexy knickers roll up on the leg?

We have worked hard to choose fabrics that will not pull or roll up. The fabrics all have a gentle stretch that will conform to your body without pinching or constricting.

Can I wear them under trousers?

Whilst they were not originally designed to wear under trousers, some customers like wearing knickers with a sexy feel that have absolutely no VPL and find that our knickers work well for them.

Are they machine washable?

We would recommend hand washing but the knickers can be machine washed at 30 or 40 degrees on a delicates cycle.

Where are they manufactured?

After trying a few different manufacturers we opted for those that we felt were the very best. The family factory is based in Bulgaria and has been making their own brand of lingerie for many years. We wanted to keep manufacture within the EU to ensure compliance with working and environmental conditions.

Why are they more expensive than some other anti-chafe brands?

We have sourced the best fabrics that we can, all of which have to work together to make a garment that works. It was important for us to make sure that the fabrics are produced as ethically as possible as well as having a luxurious feel.  The satin and lace embellishments are all from manufacturers that work to OEKO TEK standard 100 so you can be certain that every thread of these fabrics has been tested for harmful substances and that the article, therefore, is harmless in human ecological terms. Boselli, the Italian company that makes the satin is working to produce fabric made from recycled polyester and is developing a stretch satin made from corn starch. Whilst our most basic design just has the addition of lace on the bottom of the legs, the other designs all have the addition of embellishments to add to the individuality of the designs. The manufacture is not as straightforward as ‘normal’ knickers, and as such is more expensive to produce. Most other longer-legged anti-chafe garments are made on a loom, whereas ours, being a combination of fabrics are individually made.

What makes them different?

As far as we are aware, this is the first anti-chafe garment to combine different fabrics, having satin fronts and the all-important satin inner thigh panels, but using stretch tulle and floral lace on the main body of the garment. This has allowed us to add a variety of different embellishments to produce truly unique and sexy anti-chafe knickers that are a fusion of practicality with quality lingerie.

Why did you call the company Bloomin’ Sexy?

The name was coined right at the outset of the idea. We wanted a garment that did the work of bloomers in preventing thigh chafe, but we also wanted the women wearing the ‘bloomers’ to feel that they were wearing something pretty and sexy, and allowed them to feel good about themselves. Bloomin’ Sexy just seemed to fit the bill.

What if they don’t fit me?

We offer a full refund or exchange policy, provided the garments are tried on over your own underwear, show no signs of spoilage or being worn, and are returned in the original packaging with the label intact.