Here at Bloomin’ Sexy HQ, we know a thing or two about the dreaded thigh chafe. It played a crucial role in our creation. Being unable to find a solution that was sexy and practical led me to create our amazing lingerie shorts.

These felt really lovely to wear. I often have problems in hot weather with leg rubbing, but don't like to wear leggings as they are too hot and restrictive on the waistband. These are a great alternative as they feel lightweight, yet supportive and are functional and practical yet look beautiful. I love the lace and fabrics used- they feel like a luxury product.” - Emma

What is Thigh Chafing?

Our skin does not appreciate friction. Thigh chafing is the uncomfortable and sometimes painful friction between your upper thighs. Do you find your delicate inner thighs burning or itching while bright red? You are one of the millions of sufferers. Other symptoms may be a rash, blisters or simply pain and discomfort. It’s far more prevalent in the summer months due to increased heat and therefore sweat. And fear not - it’s completely normal!

While chafing is not a sign of poor hygiene, it won’t surprise you to hear that personal hygiene is crucial. It’s essential to look after your skin and ensure you keep the irritated area as clean and dry as possible, as you would any injury. Any broken skin has a risk of becoming infected, so do keep an eye on your lovely thighs!

I’ve suffered from thigh chafing (also termed “chub rub”) for much of my life. In fact, my relationship with my thighs has had a profound effect on my life. As I grew up, my body shape became more and more noticeable and I was victim to awful bullying about my large thighs teamed with a smaller waist. I was so self-conscious. My confidence was all but destroyed from the teasing alone, but then when the chafing began it was hell. I’d always wear tights - even in the height of summer - which was wildly uncomfortable in a full nurse uniform, as you can imagine!

What Causes Thigh Chafing?

The dreaded thigh chafe, as I lovingly term it, is a truly frustrating thing. And it affects so many of us, curvy or slim, due to the natural shape of our thighs. It's a common misconception that it only affects curvier women - I have suffered from thigh chafing at my slimmest, my largest, and every size in between. So, if not our weight, what actually causes it?

The main culprit is sweat.

Whether that sweat is brought on by vigorous exercise, everyday walking or the joy that is menopausal hot flushes, it can be a problem. As your skin becomes moist you’ll find it’s easier to tear. And this isn’t the good kind of moisture you’d want to ease friction! Sweat exacerbates the pre-existing friction, irritating your skin and causing redness and pain.

Heat can also make us swell.

Your body holds on to more water when it’s hot, and as the blood vessels relax they let more fluid into the surrounding areas in an attempt to cool you down. Have you ever tried and failed to put on your favourite shoes in the summer? Thankfully, it’s not the ice cream - it’s just the heat! Unfortunately for us, and as well as thigh chafing as a whole, this tends to affect more women than men. It can make us feel downright lousy, as well as worsening the dreaded chafe.

Fabrics play their part, too.

Wearing fabrics that are too thin (such as thin leggings, which do not create enough of a barrier between your thighs) can make thigh chafing worse. And choosing fabrics that don’t absorb moisture or glide on their own is a recipe for disaster.

At Bloomin’ Sexy, we have spent a long time researching the best fabrics to use in our shorts (you can read more about our amazing materials in our previous blog here). We specifically chose the most luxurious Italian satin for our unique inner thigh panels. This silky soft feature ensures your thighs glide past each other in a gentle caress instead of gripping to each other for dear life!

Our gorgeous lingerie shorts also feature soft, stretch tulle (like our Spirit design) to keep you cool and comfortable. For added allure, try our Romance design, featuring soft, floral lace along with our signature Italian satin.

I have a pair of the classic knickers. I'm really impressed with the unique design that feels so light and cool to wear, eradicates chafing and doesn't ride up or down. All of that combined with the incredibly sexy look and feel really is like nothing I have ever worn before. Got my eye on the romance knickers next!” - Justine

Spoiled for Choice

Nowadays, it’s heartening to see more media coverage of a variety of body shapes. I love to see companies finally catering to curvy women! However, there is still a huge rift between the number garments available for plus-sized women compared to the choices for straight-sized women. And this rift extends to those practical items such as anti-chafing shorts.

I’ve seen it first-hand. When I was preparing for an amazing event I was unable to find the perfect antidote to the dreaded thigh chafe. I wanted to find an undergarment that was gorgeous, made me feel confident and sexy, while also keeping me cool and comfortable on a red carpet, surrounded by people and cameras. (My son is a composer for films and television, and I sometimes get to be his glamorous plus one!)

I found powders, deodorants, even Vaseline sold with the promise of thigh comfort. While they do provide short-term relief, they just seemed a bit messy. And the chemicals used in some products may even add to your skin’s irritation. If you choose to use these, look out for those made with natural ingredients and without perfumes or colour. Check that you’re not allergic, and always stop using something if it hurts your skin!

And then you have the cycling shorts, Spanx, even anti-chafe bands and cut off tights. I’ve even heard of brides wearing cut-off jeans under their wedding dresses! Can you believe it? Again, they do provide relief, but at what cost? A constant need to adjust. Another layer over your underwear and under your outerwear. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need in the summer is something that constricts and makes me sweat more! And while they’re great for wearing underneath casual outfits, what about when you want to wear sexy lingerie and feel beautiful?

Thankfully, we do have a lot of choices to make our lives more comfortable. But when shopping you're still faced with a choice: Sexy or Comfortable? Beautiful or Practical? Luxurious or Sensible?

I came across many thoroughly unsexy items. But there was a silver lining! The experience made me absolutely determined to create what I could not find - what I knew thousands of women would want. The sexy, comfortable, downright gorgeous lingerie of Bloomin’ Sexy.

I would just like to tell you how thrilled I am with the knickers I have from Bloomin Sexy..I have a pair of Romance and they are so comfortable but with an up to date look. No boring knickers for me from now on!!! Thank you for finding that gap in the market and making me one happy lady xxx” - Yvonne

Our luxury lingerie line, consisting solely of beautiful anti-chafe shorts (it’s our passion), exists to bring you the underwear you’ve always dreamed of. With our designs you will feel comfortable and sexy. They’re beautiful and practical. And made of the finest, most luxurious satin and lace while still so sensible. All while featuring a 100% cotton gusset, so you can wear them as you would normal knickers! That’s right - no more extra layers!

Preparation is Key to Fighting Thigh Chafing

There are several factors worth considering when you’re fighting against the dreaded thigh chafe. Beyond the previously mentioned lotions, potions, powders and pants. It’s a frustrating fact that there’s often no way to stop it for good. But success, they say, is part perspiration, part preparation. And I think we’ve spent enough time worrying about the former.

So, it’s worth considering the following few points (and do let me know in the comments if you have others to add) when building your prep arsenal:

  1. What’s the cause - heat, sweat, or your clothing?

    Knowing the main cause is always handy! Try to think about when you’re most likely to feel that horrid burn. Is it when you’re exercising? Try to look for thicker leggings to wear with moisture wicking fabrics to help.Does the summer fill you with chafe-related fears? You can absolutely wear that floaty summer dress! Just prep your thighs with our beautiful anti-chafe lingerie. Available in both black and white in sizes 12-30, you’re sure to find your new favourite underwear to team with that summer dress.
  2. Are you planning a special event?

    Is it a day-to-day anti-chafing solution that you’re after, or do you need something for a special event? This distinction will give you a better idea of which products will be best for you. If it’s most bothersome in casual scenarios, you’ve got a huge range of options you can try and find the one that’s best for you. If it’s a big date for your diary - an anniversary, work party or even your wedding day - you need to consider which options will work best.I’d go out on a limb and suggest that you might not want to be reapplying powders or deodorants to your inner thighs all day or evening. Not to mention the risk of those products staining your beautiful gown. Try looking for a longer term solution, like our sensational Romance anti-chafe shorts. Luxurious satin teamed with gorgeous UK made stretch lace is the perfect combination to keep you cool, comfortable and feeling bloomin’ sexy at any event.
  1. What do you need from your anti-chafe solution?

    Try to think about exactly what you’d like from an anti-chafe product. Take into account the last two questions, and try to make a list of the most important features for you. Then research your options and try a few out! As the old adage goes, you never know until you try!If you do go for short-term solutions, like the powders and deodorant-style products, do ensure you check all ingredients for allergies and irritants, and never use them on broken skin. This will minimise your risk of infection - you don’t want your thighs to be even more painful than they already are!

Luxurious and Anti-Chafe

Thigh chafing is no fun for anyone, but you already know that! Not only is it painful, it knocks our confidence and fills us with dread. But you no longer have to squish into sticky, tight cycling shorts under long, flowy dresses. You can feel sexy whilst you combat this annoying affliction.

Bloomin’ Sexy Lingerie is here to help. Our beautiful lingerie shorts caress your natural curves, giving gentle support in ultimate comfort.

With four stunning designs that come in black or white, and available in sizes 12-30, you’re sure to find your new favourite lingerie with us.

Have a browse of our gorgeous designs here to find the most elegant anti-chafing solution there is. Do you have any tips for dealing with the dreaded thigh chafe? Leave us a comment to use our contact form to get in touch. We’re here to answer any and all questions you may have.