How to Style your Bloomin’ Sexy Lingerie Shorts

Spring is here! With summer following shortly and a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, our spirits are finally lifting.

It’s a time for new beginnings, shedding the gloom of winter and springing forwards. Have you noticed a change in your mood since the sun made its reappearance? Warmer weather brings with it a whole host of mood boosters - lighter, warmer evenings, the promise of socialisation, and ice cream at the beach, anyone? But it also leads to more sweat, exacerbating the dreaded thigh chafe.

Our lingerie shorts are great for any time of year, but spring and summer are where they truly shine. This year, say yes to bare legs from the knee down. Say yes to wearing your favourite sandals and showing off your pedicure (once salons are open)! No longer will you need to hide beneath thick leggings or stuffy tights just to combat thigh chafing. You can feel care-free and comfortable in your favourite spring ensemble!

These felt really lovely to wear. I often have problems in hot weather with leg rubbing, but don't like to wear leggings as they are too hot and restrictive on the waistband. These are a great alternative as they feel lightweight, yet supportive and are functional and practical yet look beautiful. I love the lace and fabrics used- they feel like a luxury product.” - Emma

How to wear your Bloomin’ Sexy lingerie shorts

First things first. Make sure you’re putting on your Bloomin’ Sexy shorts properly. This will maximise their effectiveness and fit, as well as making you feel as sexy as can be. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your favourite pair. They fit in a similar way as leggings, so choose the size you’d usually buy leggings in.
  2. They are made to cover your thighs, with the unique Italian satin panels cushioning your inner thighs and protecting them from each other. Make sure they are not twisted as you put them on.
  3. Pull up each leg until the beautiful lace trim is sitting just above your knees.
  4. Adjust the front satin panel so that this part sits as high leg knickers would, with the top reaching your belly button.
  5. One last check in the mirror to admire how beautiful you are. And throw on your favourite spring outfit. You’re ready to face the day with no VPL.

These beautiful anti-chafe shorts are made to celebrate your natural curves and feel as comfortable as a second skin. You won’t need to adjust them all day as the luxurious stretch mesh and lace move with your body. Featuring a 100% cotton gusset, you can also wear them all day - just as you would your usual underwear.

Now you’ve got them on, here are some great tips on how to style your gorgeous Bloomin’ Sexy lingerie.

As a 21 year old I’ve found it hard to find something that eliminates chafing but looks so sexy - a massive improvement on the cycling shorts I used to wear under dresses.” - Ellie

Styling your Lingerie Shorts

Casual Wear

No VPL means freedom to choose lightweight fabrics without worrying about how to conceal your underwear. Think floaty maxi skirts and jumpsuits. Really, depending on the style, you can choose just about anything!

Do bear in mind that the Classic design has an elegant faux suspender detail which may show through some lighter, more clingy materials. In this case, it’d be better to go for floaty skirts and dresses - unless you want to show them off, of course! We’ve worked with Lisa Newport and put together some fantastic outfits to inspire you.

[image from Lisa]

(Have a read of our previous blog all about body shapes here for some more tips on finding the most flattering clothes for your body, featuring even more advice from Lisa. She definitely knows her stuff!)

Rock your Vintage pair with a gorgeous tea dress to the next picnic you attend. Complete the look with a traditional style picnic basket for added oomph! (Don’t forget your cucumber sandwiches!)

Spice up your everyday maxi dress with a pair of our stunningly sensual Romance shorts. I dare you not to feel sexy in these!

For underneath lightweight jumpsuits and skirts of knee-length or longer, choose our Spirit design for a subtle silhouette and absolutely no chafing!

Lovely product. Finally found something I can wear in the summer to stop the chub-rub that looks pretty!” - Beckie

Formal Wear

Now that restrictions are easing and we’re allowed to socialise once more, we’re likely to see a slow but steady increase in events. And for an event, you need an outfit! Now you may have your trusty, go-to outfit ready and raring to go, but do you have the right underwear?

Choosing Bloomin’ Sexy lingerie as your outfit’s foundation will ensure you don’t have any lumps and bumps in odd places (a frequent issue with shapewear - which this is not). You’ll be confident in luxurious lingerie that embraces your natural curves. All while keeping you cool and comfortable. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Bloomin’ Sexy was born from my desire to find functional yet empowering lingerie to wear to a red carpet event. If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll know that one of my sons is a talented composer and sometimes brings his mum as a plus one to swanky red carpet events! It was one such event that made me realise there was absolutely nothing on the market for my specific need.

In talking to other friends, it became clear that the issue was felt by many women. We all wanted to feel sexy and sensual. Even while keeping the dreaded thigh chafe at bay.

In my time as a psychosexual therapist, nurse and midwife, I’ve worked with thousands of women, helping them to reconnect with their bodies and providing empowerment. This is a skill I’ve brought to our wonderful lingerie. A garment that is practical, comfortable, and transforms you into the sexy, empowered woman you know you are inside.


Featuring a gorgeous faux suspender detail, our Classic design is perfect for under layered dresses and circle skirts. Add a ruffled petticoat for a classically sexy silhouette and endless excuses to twirl the night away!

Dreaming of wearing a slinky dress to really show off your curves? Paired with the Romance design, you can wear your sexiest figure-hugging dress without worrying about tights or awkward shapewear. Just you and your natural beauty.

I would just like to tell you how thrilled I am with the knickers I have from Bloomin Sexy..I have a pair of Romance and they are so comfortable but with an up to date look.
No boring knickers for me from now on!!! Thank you for finding that gap in the market and making me one happy lady!” - Yvonne

Bridal Wear

Love is always to be celebrated!

We’ve had brides wearing our lingerie shorts in both floor-length dresses and tea-length with petticoats, and every single bride (and their dresses) looks stunning with our shorts underneath. The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is thigh chafing and who would want to wear clingy leggings or bicycle shorts under their gown? I’ve even heard of brides wearing denim shorts under their gown!! Can you imagine?

Luckily for you, each of our styles come in both black and white, ensuring you have practical yet sexy bridal lingerie to wear all day, whatever the colour of your gown or outfit.

With our range of styles, you’re sure to find your perfect wedding underwear with Bloomin’ Sexy! For even more wonderful ideas, head over to our bridal blog here.

But who says Brides should have all the fun? Our shorts are a hit with brides and guests alike, thanks to the elegance and ultimate comfort felt by our wonderful customers. Many mothers of brides and even bridesmaids have fallen in love with these beautiful anti-chafe lingerie shorts.

[image of Katy]

One of our beautiful brides, Katy, has made this video review of our Vintage style - watch it here. In it, she describes her whole experience from first getting in touch to the morning after her wedding day. And yes - she wore her lingerie shorts the entire time! They’re made with a 100% cotton gusset, and Katy was comfortable and stunning all day long.

Another popular choice for weddings is the Romance design. The delicate floral lace just exudes luxury. And what’s more, the stretch lace is made in the UK! Thanks to the unique satin thigh panels, you can say no to chafing and still feel sexy on your wedding day.

Overall, an item of lingerie that every woman should have, at least a couple of, when wearing longer length skirts/dresses etc. Feels luxurious, light and stretches in the right places. These knickers are so comfortable and easy to wear, I love them. And they're bloomin' sexy too!”- R

Work Wear

The clothes we choose to wear to work can have a profound effect on our mentality for the day. Just think about how you’ve felt if you’ve had to work from home at any point during the pandemic. Have you embraced the informality and relaxed your clothing? I know I have! And it’s liberating to have the odd dress down day, like Christmas jumper day, for example. But when it’s every day, it can lead to an overall feeling of “meh.” Less than ideal when managing a team remotely!

Back in the office, it can still be a struggle to strike the balance between comfortable and powerful. Why do we always have to choose? At Bloomin’ Sexy, we know the advantage of having it both ways. And we want you to know too!

Our lingerie shorts will go under any work outfit. And with no VPL, you can rest assured that they can stay your empowering secret. The only thing your colleagues will notice is how your head is held higher as you take on the day.

Feeling sexy in your own skin is infinitely empowering. And with no squishing, squeezing or attempts to alter your (already perfect) shape, these shorts are ideal.

(Still working from home? Have a read of our working from home blog here for some great ideas on how to get your mojo back.)


The Spirit design is perfect for those days when you just need a bit of a boost. These elegant anti-chafe shorts are simply stunning and fit effortlessly beneath any workwear outfit. And if you’ve been looking for an excuse to ditch the trousers and opt for skirts for a change? These will support you, keeping you cool, comfortable and ready to engage boss mode with no risk of the dreaded thigh chafe!

I received my underwear yesterday and would like to say how happy I am with it . The packaging is beautiful and the actual fit of the spirit knickers is fantastic, most elastic knickers end up giving you more lumps and bumps but they are perfect.” -Helen

Your Best Accessory is You!

The most important thing to go with your Bloomin’ Sexy lingerie shorts is you! If you’re looking for a stealthy confidence boost under any clothing, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re planning a special event or romantic evening in, we’ve got you covered.

Feeling inspired? Head over to our shop to find your perfect pair today.

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What’s your go-to outfit to pair with your lingerie shorts? Let us know in the comments or contact us for more advice - we love to hear from you!