All good lingerie brands begin with their choices of fabric, and we are no different. Our aim is to provide wonderfully sexy lingerie that doesn’t compromise on comfort. To do that, we had to search across countries to find our perfect materials.

When we first decided to make luxury anti-chafe lingerie we were sure that before long we’d come across similar products. Heading off to various lingerie trade shows, Jill and I fully expected to see something like our shorts, but there was nothing! This reaffirmed our plans and gave us even more drive to launch our indie luxury brand.

Our search for the very best fabric suppliers and manufacturers took us from our home county of Devon to London, Birmingham, Wales, and even Paris and Bulgaria!

We currently source our fabrics from the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain and France. We wanted to source materials from the UK wherever possible, however there is very little in the way of stretch fabrics made here, hence sourcing some items from abroad. We do aim to keep our transport distances to a minimum and ensure that all our suppliers adhere to high environmental and working standards, preferably from within the EU.

The family owned factory we found in Bulgaria has a long, excellent history of lingerie manufacture and offers outstanding quality, so they were a perfect choice after our extensive search. This is especially true as we wanted to keep our manufacturing base within the EU. We are fortunate to have an excellent working relationship, and are confident that we chose the very best.

It’s this winning combination that gives us our wonderful luxury satin lingerie.

Our Design Process

Having not been able to find anti-chafe lingerie that was not only comfortable and practical, but also pretty and feminine, I realised I’d need to create my own. I knocked on Jill’s door, knowing how talented she is, and within minutes she’d designed the basis of two of our styles.

We’d originally planned to make a few pieces for ourselves and some to sell at local markets and craft fairs, while thinking about offering a bespoke option. As I said previously, we fully expected to find similar items for sale online and in local shops but there were none! We saw the gap in the market, so we invested in machinery, Jill attended two lingerie making courses in Leicester, and we started renting an office space.

Jill began to make prototype garments out of a huge variety of fabric samples, which gave us a brilliant idea of how the fabrics handled and what may/may not work. Most anti-chafe underwear is made from a single fabric and knitted together on a sewing machine. Our luxury lingerie is unique in having a combination of different fabrics (the tulle, lace and satin) in one item. This also makes it incredibly intricate to manufacture.

Lingerie Exhibitions

Our journey to create the perfect anti-chafe lingerie took us to many lingerie shows, the first of which was the MODA trade show in London. It was a great opportunity to check out our competition as well as the quality of the lingerie on offer.

One thing we came to notice was that the garments of highest quality were manufactured in Bulgaria. We contacted one of the MODA exhibitors and she recommended ZENA-Pefect Lingerie, who we still use today.

Our search also took us to Interfiliere, a lingerie and textiles exhibition in Paris (which I think I found by Googling “lingerie shows” in the early days). It was here I spent two days browsing the myriad of fabric stands, requesting as many samples and swatches as I could. These samples included many that we still use today, for example Boselli and Capsud.

We initially launched at Interfiliere, one year later in January 2016, with a team of friends and family to man the stand. I’m so grateful for the time we spent there, even though it was rather expensive! We had interest from buyers around the world, with one requesting samples of matching garments such as babydolls, bras and kimonos. Sadly the deal didn’t come to fruition, but we resolved to see it as a learning experience, and now have a wonderful selection for our future plans. (These items are currently only available for trade sales and pre-orders.)

Since then we have attended several shows: MODA at Birmingham, The Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool, and Ireland’s Got Curves in Dublin. We also sponsored and attended The Confidence Lab in London, dedicated to boosting confidence. The organisers felt that the ethos of our business fitted perfectly with their concept. I was moved by the event, and gained so much, emotionally, from it.

The Perfect Materials – Luxury Satin

The search for our dream satin was a long one. We sampled many, and none quite had the stretch and comfort we needed. Thankfully, on our travels, we were recommended to try the Italian manufacturer Boselli.

Fast forward to now, and all of our designs use Boselli satin both on the fronts and the signature inner thigh panels. This premium satin has the perfect stretch and is the absolute softest we sampled. We just knew it was the one!

Boselli is also an incredibly eco-conscious company, with an internal purifying plant for industrial waste. They also reduce energy consumption through a hydroelectric structure, only use chemicals approved by the Reach regulation, and have a filtering system in place to prevent accidental pollution!

We originally began designs with satin on both the fronts and backs of our shorts, but this didn’t quite work with the tulle only on the legs.  We also trialled having only stretch lace or tulle on the legs, which would feel more like wearing tights. By choosing to use this fantastic satin on the inner thigh, we are able to achieve a far more luxurious feel to our anti-chafe shorts whilst entirely eliminating thigh rub.

Another important feature that’s on every pair of our luxury satin lingerie is the 100% cotton gusset, allowing you to wear them as normal knickers. We’re proud to say that this cotton is sourced right here in the UK from Sewing Chest.

Luxury Lace

There’s nothing quite as sexy as luxury lace lingerie and we chose our suppliers with that, along with your comfort, in mind. We use a variety of suppliers for our lace, as we have different needs for each style of our gorgeous anti-chafe shorts.

The lace trim on the legs of our Classic design comes from Dresdner Spitzen and Fritz Moll in Germany. When we first began using them, Fritz Moll had a base here in the UK, but sadly that has closed, so we now source from the German parent company. It really is worth it – it’s so beautiful!

Our Vintage design features a beautiful lace overlay at the waist, sourced from CapSud in France. The leg lace is slightly different on these shorts, and comes from William Robb in Scotland. This makes for a gorgeous combination, don’t you think?

The Romance style features a floral stretch luxury lace for the legs, supplied by Tia Knight. Interestingly, this was the fabric used on the British Sewing Bee in their lingerie challenge! This stunning lace gives a truly luxurious feel with the exquisitely romantic design.

We also use a lovely stretch Valenciennes lace on our Spirit design, which is a French bobbin lace that has been made since the early 18th century. The specific structure of this historic lace means it is far stronger than some of its counterparts – perfect for luxury lingerie!

Gorgeous Embellishments

As you’ll notice, our styles come with various embellishments, which have also been meticulously selected for perfection and comfort in each piece.

Our waist elastic is another integral part of our luxury anti-chafe shorts, and is mostly supplied by Grobelastics of Spain, with some larger sizes coming from Fritz Moll.

Our Classic style includes a gorgeous faux suspender detail, complete with a pink satin rose, and a faux suspender stocking top made of the aforementioned German lace. The unique detailing is made possible by our brilliant suppliers Grobelastics (for the suspender elastic) and Grupo Madolaz (for the roses). This glorious combination gives you all the sexiness of suspenders without the hassle of actual clips! All while ridding you of the dreaded thigh chafe thanks to the wonderful Boselli stretch satin.

The Vintage design not only has the beautiful lace overlay mentioned earlier, but also a lattice ribbon detail down the outer side of each leg. This, along with the lace trim on the legs, is sourced from William Robb in Scotland, and gives an effortless elegance to this style.

We carefully ensure that our suppliers are as eco-friendly as possible. Our main suppliers of satin and lace are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning they are in no way harmful to human health. A great example of this is Boselli, who are working on innovative fabrics to produce eco-friendly products such as recycled polyester from plastic bottles, and Ingeo® which is a biodegradable fibre made entirely from corn!

“Extremely comfortable and flattering lingerie, suitable to wear for any occasion. Beautifully designed and guaranteed to make you feel sexy but at the same time providing support and comfort. Would definitely recommend!” – Ellie

Our Company Ethos

Throughout our brand’s journey, we have kept one thing at the forefront of our minds: to help women regain their confidence, and reawaken their inner goddess.

This is especially important to me, due to my history of nursing and psychosexual therapy. During my career (prior to the lingerie venture) I was honoured to be able to help and guide so many women (and some men) towards seeing the best in themselves. By creating luxury lingerie that specifically caters to women, I am able to reach and help so many more than I ever could in my previous life. I’m so grateful to be in this position.

I wanted this lingerie to be about accepting our true selves. We’re all different shapes and sizes with lumps and bumps we may not feel too happy with. But that’s all part of being a woman. We’re conditioned to believe that there’s only one body type that’s beautiful, and while the slim, curveless body is also beautiful, it may not represent us as a whole. So many women I encountered hated their curves, wanting bigger this, smaller that, plumped up, pulled in, pushed out etc. And so many of us will squeeze ourselves into shapewear (I’ve been there myself), which is not only incredibly uncomfortable, it doesn’t make much of a difference! Add to that that they’re simply practical and in no way sexy, it’s just not ideal.

I firmly believe that we should all celebrate our different bodies, especially as we get older and may feel we’re not allowed. We are allowed! Our luxury, sexy anti-chafe lingerie is here to help you to look good, and feel good too.

It has also always been important to us to standardise pricing for each garment, irrespective of size, despite the larger sizes inevitably using more material. To do this, we base our prices on a size 18, which is our most popular size, as well as being the midpoint of our range.

Conscious Packaging

As our beautiful anti-chafe shorts are a unique and luxury item, we decided to include a small gift with every order (excluding discounted items). This can range from scented dried rose petals to individual luxury soaps or even mini bath bombs, giving you a unique sensorial experience from the moment you open the package.

The packaging we use is also designed to make you feel that you are opening a gift. Wrapped in tissue paper, the shorts are placed into a black card pillow box decorated with ribbon. The small gifts are also placed in small muslin bags, made by us, to reduce our plastic use.

I received my lingerie yesterday and would like to say how happy I am with it . The packaging is beautiful and the actual fit of the Spirit style is fantastic, most elastic knickers end up giving you more lumps and bumps but they are perfect.” – Helen

Altogether, it gives you the feeling of opening something truly special, designed to ensure you feel valued, appreciated, and confident.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself like the goddess you are with our luxury anti-chafe shorts.

Which style is your favourite? Get in touch through our social media channels (below) or use our contact form – we’d love to hear from you!