The world of office work post-COVID: remote working, returning to the office and finding our new normal.

Many of us have now started to return to work in some capacity or another. Whether you are still working from home full-time, back in the office or somewhere between the two, nothing is as it was before COVID.

The office environment is now teeming with hand sanitising stations, instead of with chatter between colleagues. Despite the overall relief in having some part of the normal routine restored, there is a definite sense of foreboding and unease, which was not there in the distant memories of February.

Going back to an office environment after so long working from home can feel like a daunting and uneasy experience. Regardless of whether you have been doing regular team zoom calls or simply working alone, the last five months have been a solitary and isolating period for most of us. As an ex-nurse the need for the lockdown and isolation was clear, but it still felt like we would never be able to go out again. Not being able to simply have a coffee and biscuit with a co-worker at 11 am or to share stories about your weekend adventures, has been far more traumatic than many of us would ever have guessed. And even now as many of us return, at least in part, to an office environment, it is clear the lockdown has had lasting effects on us all.

Having spent much of the last five months with little reason to wear your normal ‘workwear wardrobe’ – just the process of deciding what to put on for work in the morning can seem like a task in itself. Especially if your confidence isn’t where it was before.

Being shut inside for so long will likely have hit your confidence hard – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I know I have certainly struggled at times during lockdown. The little voice in your head has been hard to drown out without social interaction, and all those old insecurities you thought had passed, have reared their ugly heads again.

But now is a great time to embrace some change and revitalise that wardrobe. Find items that not only look good, but also make you feel good. Clothing can often be a trigger for insecurities but it can also be a comfort. Think Gok Wan’s ‘’How to Look Good Naked’’ rather than Trinny and Susannah’s ‘’What Not to Wear’’.

That is why I started Bloomin’ Sexy – to create lingerie that made me feel great on both inside and outside. To give me that same feeling as finding your perfect brand of jeans or a bra that ticks all the boxes and fits like a glove. Shorts that were elegant, sensual and comfortable; a golden trio I used to think was impossible. When I am wearing my Bloomin’ Sexy shorts I feel powerful and confident, they give me that little boost I need to face the day.

And if you are still working from home then there is nothing better than wearing ‘workwear’ on top and a pair of Bloomin’ Sexy shorts under the desk. Those PJ’s you have been living in for four months definitely need to be resigned to just sleeping and lazy weekends. After all, they are not boosting your mood or helping you feel like a strong, sensual and powerful woman. Are they?