Bloomin’ Sexy is a female team comprised of Carol and Jill, and together they’ve created the solution to many a woman’s bugbear – thigh chafe. Thigh chafe is a common issue not just experienced by the larger lady. In fact, many thin women also experience the dreaded rash as it’s all down to pelvic placement. Don’t worry though, Bloomin’ Sexy have got you covered, offering sexy solutions in sizes 12-28. 

Let’s have a bit of background about Bloomin’ Sexy, shall we? Feel free to grab a cuppa and a biscuit or two before you read on. 

Carol had never set out to own a lingerie business. In fact, she followed in her grandmother’s footsteps to be a nurse. From a tender age she ministered to family members at every opportunity – bandaging invisible wounds, taking mock temperatures and wrapping up the semi-willing victims! She’d always liked caring for people and was empowered by her grandmother’s example, a woman who in the late 1800s left her Yorkshire village and all she knew to study nursing in London. Gran would later become the first midwife in the village she settled in. What a role model! Carol got the O Levels she needed to become a nurse and started her training in 1977. Although happy enough as a staff nurse, on qualifying Carol decided she’d be happiest following in her gran’s footsteps to become a midwife. Midwifery was OK but lacked continuity of care, so Carol trained as a Health Visitor and stayed in this role for many years. 

During this time many women confided in her that they and their partner were having difficulties in their sex lives, and although touched to be confided in all Carol had to offer was a willing set of ears and her compassion. Some time later she discovered there was specific training to aid individuals and couples with sexual difficulties and she self-funded a place on a Relate course. She did Psychosexual Therapy training in 2000 and worked for Relate, in private practice, and also as a volunteer with the NHS alongside her Health Visitor role until a permanent part time contract with the NHS came up. Carole left Health Visiting and worked as an NHS Psychosexual Therapist until her early retirement in 2014. This is addition to the years of Health Visiting gave her a big insight into how women (and men) perceive their own body image, and how distorted it can be. Varying triggers such as abusive childhoods/adulthoods, influences from school, bullying, family values, and parenthood all ended up with clients feeling bad about themselves, and certainly not feeling that they could or would have any “right” to feel sexual. 

Half the battle with sex therapy was often about clients allowing themselves to recognise that they could be sexual, and that it could be good. Carol supposes that’s where the “sexy” part of Bloomin’ Sexy came in. It was very much about being able to claim the word “sexy” and feel it as an individual, for themselves, not for anyone else. That was when clients would blossom. Carol likened it to the blossoming of a beautiful rose from a tiny bud. This wasn’t about “looking” sexy, it was about “feeling” sexy. With one, came the other. Self acceptance and permission giving to feel sexy and beautiful. 

Read more in our next blog post about how Bloomin’ Sexy went from an idea to a business.